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Pilates Downtown’s certified and highly educated instructors have completed the most intensive training programs designed. Our instructors are trained in a variety of different styles of Pilates, all based on the original work of Joseph H. Pilates, ranging from ‘classical’ or ‘authentic’ Pilates to more contemporary philosophies. Educated in anatomy and kinesiology, our instructors are trained to give alternative modalities when needed.

Our extensive training enables us as instructors to teach, educate, and inspire you while developing your body to its maximum potential!


Pilates Downtown offers Private Sessions, Semi-private Sessions and Group Classes 

  • Private sessions include one-on-one instruction tailored to the client’s specific needs and goals. This individualized instruction maximizes the client’s ability to understand the many concepts and movements involved in Pilates and how to apply them to their body. If new to Pilates, private sessions are the most effective way to begin exploring the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning.
  • Semi-private sessions include two clients and are designed for people who are ready to learn in a slightly larger setting than in private sessions. Semi-private sessions are best suited for two clients who are compatible and have about the same knowledge of Pilates.
  • Equipment classes include instruction on the Pilates apparatus, the reformers and towers. These classes consist of two to seven students to maintain personal guidance and safety within a group setting (four private sessions are required prior to attending these classes).
  • Mat classes consist of classes of two to seven (+) students and are recommended for all interested in Pilates. Mat classes are performed simply on a mat. Without the assistance of spring resistance used in equipment classes, beginning and advanced students will both find that the Pilates mat repertoire will truly challenge the body to work from within.

New to Pilates Downtown?

Please contact us to discuss your experience in Pilates and assess your physical fitness level so we can best accommodate you with our services. If you are new to Pilates, four private sessions are required prior to equipment classes.

Our Introductory Package for new clients includes four private sessions and one equipment class for only $275! Contact us today to sign up for your first session!

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